The most drinking nation in the world

The most drinking nation in the world

About 2.4 billion people worldwide (one third) drink alcohol — 1.5 billion 900 million men and women. These data are presented in a fresh study of The Global Burden of Disease University of Washington and the bill and Melissa gates.


The world average daily intake of alcohol is 0.73 servings for women and 1.7 for men assuming that one serving is equal to 100 milliliters of red wine or 280 ml of beer or 30 ml spirits.

According to the study, most drinking men in the world were recognized as Romanians — the home of Dracula, they consumed on average of 8.2 alcoholic beverage per day. Followed by residents of Portugal and Luxembourg (according to 7.2 servings), as well as Lithuania and Ukraine (7). Citizens of Islamic Pakistan are the least likely to drink alcohol on the paki has an average of 0.0007 of an alcoholic beverage per day.

It is a large number of portions of alcohol drunk by women, was recorded in Ukraine (to 4.2 drinks per day), next in the ranking followed by Andorra, Monaco and Belarus (3.4 portions), then Sweden, Denmark and Ireland (3,1). A resident of the Islamic Republic of Iran say “no” to alcohol harder than others — on average, one citizen of this country have 0,0003 alcoholic beverage per day. It is noted that the publication provided data 1282 studies on alcohol consumption and health risks in 195 countries.