“VKontakte” allowed users to hide the pages from strangers

“VKontakte” allowed users to hide the pages from strangers

“VKontakte”, has released an update of the privacy settings, through which users can close the page for everyone who is not in the friends, said the press service of the social network.


“VKontakte has released an important update privacy settings. From today, users of the social network has the opportunity to close the profile for friends. New features are designed to give more flexibility to protect the personal space of the users who do not wish to share your records and photos beyond the narrow circle of close people”, — stated in the message.

In a closed profile displays only the name and surname, previews avatar and list of friends. At the request of the user can show status, city, age and place of work.

Also in the social network will be able backup and remove your old records and photographs, said the managing Director of the company Andrey Rogozov.

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The feature was announced on August 13. Earlier Mail.ru Group appealed to the state Duma, Supreme court, Ministry of justice and the Commissioner for human rights on the question of criminal prosecution for the publication and share it on social networks, says the company.

The appeal to the Commissioner for human rights Mail.ru Group was requested to form a petition to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation, “is about the verification of constitutionality of provisions of article 282 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation in the part in which the meaning given to such provisions of the surge approach to legal practice, they are applied to the detriment of guaranteed article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation rights and freedoms, and conform to article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, directly violating the constitutional rights and freedoms of users.”