The number of victims in the crash Boeing in Sochi has risen to 18 people

The number of victims in the crash Boeing in Sochi has risen to 18 people

MOSCOW, September 1 — RIA Novosti. The number of victims in the result of ignition of a Boeing 737 after landing in Sochi increased to 18 people, including three children, according to the website of the Ministry of health of Russia.


Earlier it was reported about six victims, four of whom went to the doctors.

Dead, as noted in the Department, there is, at the same time, according to the press service of the airport of Sochi, one of the employees of the air Harbor died during the liquidation of consequences of emergency, presumably from a heart attack.

Six people, including two children, were taken to hospital, all the injured receive necessary medical assistance, the airport has a team of psychologists.

Passenger plane Boeing 737 airline Utair, EN route from Moscow, on the night of Saturday, popping out when landing at the airport of Sochi beyond the runway and fell into the river, he collapsed landing gear and the wing and ignited the left engine. The nose of the liner has been damaged.

All 164 passengers and six crew members were evacuated.

Aviation authorities and Utair have started investigation into the incident, in fact PE initiated a criminal case.During the download an error has occurred.

This is the second such incident in the last ten days. On the morning of August 22, Tu-204 Red Wings airlines flying from Ufa to Sochi with 204 passengers on Board, was forced to return to the airport of the capital of Bashkortostan fire left engine. Anybody from passengers has not suffered. The Federal air transport Agency said that a fire in the engine of the aircraft occurred because of the destruction of the blades of the high pressure compressor.