PMC of the UK Olive Group charged with preparing a chemical attack in Syria. Who are they?

PMC of the UK Olive Group charged with preparing a chemical attack in Syria. Who are they?

The Creator of “White helmets”, a friend of Prince William, witness the revolutions in Libya and Iran, the liquidators of chemical weapons in Syria and billionaires Republicans face Olive Group.


Russia has deployed off the coast of Syria the most powerful group of ships during the conflict. Two days before our command has announced the preparation of a new staging of a chemical attack by fighters who had trained in a British private military company Olive Group.

According to the representative of the defense Ministry, “Damascus is accused of using chemical weapons and the United States, Britain and France will use it to launch attacks on state targets in Syria”. Our fleet should be a barrier to the implementation of this plan. “Storm” to find out how realistic such a development and who is behind the Olive Group — the company, which became the largest PMC in the United Kingdom.

Among the private military companies are not many are on the ear — Blackwater, PMC Wagner, and, perhaps, everything. About Olive Group, specialists which Igor Konashenkov was suspected of possible involvement in preparation of staging a chemical attack in Idlib, known only to those who are immersed in the subject of PMCs, the Middle East and Africa.

Although this was in the UK (its current beneficiaries — in the United States and Abu Dhabi) private military company deserves attention.

Its founders are associated with the elite of the armed forces and intelligence agencies, and owners — with the Republican party of the United States and middle Eastern sheikhs.

White helmets and blue blood

For Russian politicians and mass media major irritant in Olive Group is a former officer James Le Mesure, founder of the movement “White helmets”. In British PMC, he worked for three years — from 2005 to 2008. Le Mesure was the Vice President of social Affairs.

If the information of the defense Ministry are true, then it was James Le Mesure (James Le Mesurier) is the ideal candidate for the role of a bridge between the Olive Group, militants and provocateurs of volunteers, “White helmets”, which can be used for “aid to victims of a chemical attack.”

PMC Olive Group James Le Mesure came in the fourth year of its operation. The company was established in 2001 came from special units of the British army — a friend of Prince William captain Harry Leg burkom (Harry Legge Bourke) of the Welsh guard and Chris St. George (Chris George St) from the Parachute regiment.

Employees at Olive Group were recruited from the Special air service (SAS) — army units involved in the operations of a special purpose.

In 2003, managed to recruit about a hundred retired officers-paratroopers. A year later, the 38 experts went to Iraq. It was sort of the debut of the Burke and St. George.

In postwar Iraq, Olive Group was not without the participation of another co-founder of PMC — Jonathan miles Allum (Jonathan Miles Allum). At the businessman there is notable biography, but his father, Anthony Allum (Allum Anthony): he worked in Libya in 1969 when Gaddafi staged a military coup and came to power, in Cyprus in 1974 during the military invasion of Turkey in Iran in 1978 during the revolution. In 2003, Anthony Allum headed the working group in the government of great Britain to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq.

In the company of such people, the future Creator of “White helmets” began his career in the civil service.