In France, the butchers tore the vegan festival

In France, the butchers tore the vegan festival

MOSCOW, Aug 25 — RIA Novosti. The city Council overturned the Kale vegan festival, scheduled for September, reports The Local France.


According to the organizers, the authorities took this decision because of “an extremely aggressive threats” hunters and meat producers. They have planned a joint protest, which, according to the city hall of Calais, able to disturb public order.

Calais : un festival vegan annulé après des menaces de chasseurs et éleveurs

— L Obs (@lobs) 25 Aug 2018

Veganism, the main idea of which is to avoid the consumption of all animal products in recent years has gained popularity in France. It was dissatisfied with the butchers and farmers who believe that the opponents along with supporting the movement of media are trying to impose on society their way of life and nutrition. In addition, in April, vandals attacked a few butchers in the Pas-de-Calais.

Un syndicat de bouchers reconnaît sa responsabilité dans l annulation du Calais Vegan Festival ►

— France 3 Nord (@F3nord) 25 Aug 2018

In this regard, the leader of the Union of butchers Jean Francois Guichard appealed to the Ministry of internal Affairs with the requirement to provide normal conditions for work in the industry.

Representatives of the vegan movement, in turn, denies accusations of violence.