Taught Cord: announced the coaches show “the Voice”

Taught Cord: announced the coaches show “the Voice”

As Sergey Shnurov became a mentor on “the Voice.”


The project “the Voice” announced the mentors for the seventh season. The teachers caused surprise and excitement among fans of the show.

“In the new season, the chairs of the coaches of “the Voice” is a star which today are the most impressive and desirable, each in his role,” said “Газете.Ru” on the First channel.

It is an extremely popular Sergei Shnurov, the brilliant Ani Lorak, a wonderful rap artist and veteran of our project Basta and also one of the best composers and music producers Konstantin Meladze. Each of these four represents a separate direction in music, everyone has their own musical point of view.

In the new season among the veterans project in the ranks, only Basta, who took part in the main show and “the Voice. Children.” As for Meladze, Lorak and his, for them it will be the first such experience.

Sergei Shnurov, Konstantin Meladze, Basta and Ani Lorak. Meet the mentors of the new season of #Голос7! #cerasorb #anilorak #Basta #constantinalecse #voice #ballycanal #voice1tv #1tv

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General producer of musical and entertainment programs of the channel Yuri Aksyuta also stressed that the final choice of mentors influenced the vote of the audience, which was held this spring during the fifth season of “the Voice. Children.”

By the way, before you select a new jury we asked the audience — who they would like to see in the new season in chairs mentors. The survey was conducted in the air the fifth season of “the Voice. Children” with the functionality of HbbTV and interactive player on the website First. The survey was won by Konstantin Meladze, and other members of the jury took their places in the top.Yuri Accutanelky producer of music and entertainment programs of the channel

The biggest surprise for fans of the project was undoubtedly the appearance of his in the chair of the mentor. Many subscribers of instagram “Voice” was encouraged by the news.

“Cords! Think it will be interesting”, “Cord! Top”, “it will be interesting to see Shnurov,” wrote the social network users.