Pete Doherty ate a giant Breakfast at 4000 calories and got on the Board in cafe

Pete Doherty ate a giant Breakfast at 4000 calories and got on the Board in cafe

The leader of the British band the Libertines Pete Doherty has ensured that his name appeared on the “wall of fame” of one of cafe of Margate in Kent. To do this, the musician had to cope with a huge Breakfast less than 20 minutes.


According to the rules applicable in the café if Breakfast to eat for 20 minutes, then the visitor will not have to pay for it. In addition, attendee name, cope with such an ambitious task, will be recorded with chalk on the “wall of fame”. If the visitor will not have time to meet in 20 minutes, he will have to pay for the Breakfast of 17.5 pounds sterling (about 1500 rubles).

Megazarak at cafe Brand Ezequiel serves four eggs, four slices of bacon, four sausages, a Burger, hash Browns, mushrooms, chips, onion rings, two thick pieces of bread, and a choice of tomatoes or beans.

Visitors can still take a large mug of tea or coffee. According to Ezequiel, Doherty ordered that and a strawberry shake.

Pete Doherty is well, well known residents of the County of Kent, where his band is building a Studio and a hotel. “With him was his dog, so Doherty sat down at a table in the street,” says mark Ezekiel.

Libertines musician Pete Doherty has been pictured devouring a huge breakfast that only around 15 other people have managed to eat at the Dalby Café in Cliftonville. It included four rashers of bacon, chips, four eggs and four sausages in under 20 minutes.

— BBC South East (@bbcsoutheast) 21 Aug 2018

“He said that his dog is 4500 pounds (nearly 400 thousand) and that he does not feed her fried”, — said the owner of the cafe. So he could not be afraid that the animal will help the musician to cope with Breakfast.

According to the cafe owner, “megazarak” contains about 4000 calories.

Residents of Margate often see Pete Doherty at the local cafes and restaurants. But according to Mark Ezequiel, in his cafe, the musician came for the first time.

“Many people talk to him, and he’s pretty open person. He really is quite modest. Even my sister ran into him when he was walking the dog,” says mark Ezekiel.