From yellow taxis to the interrogation spectacular

From yellow taxis to the interrogation spectacular

What is known about the lawyer of the President of the United States Michael Cohen.


He trusted Donald trump, Yuri Luzhkov and Victor Vekselberg. “Kommersant FM” has studied the details of the biography Michael Cohen, counsel of the American leader, who recently testified against the incumbent. In particular, he told investigators that on the instructions of tramp paid porn actress Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, and a Playboy model Karen Mcdougal $150 thousand to keep quiet about his meetings with the candidate on a post of the President. These charges could lead to impeachment. Meanwhile, the Michael Cohen was closely associated with Russian business. As a business partner of Ukrainian immigrants became the attorney of the President of the United States? And at what here Luzhkov? Understood Ivan Yakunin.

In 1995, the taxi market in Moscow in control of a criminal gang. Suddenly, the streets have a new yellow cars is a sign of quality traffic. The company received the name “Moscow taxi”, and a promo video for the new player recorded Mikhail Shufutinsky.

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Machines, however, very similar to the American, on their roofs, there was even a lightbox. It is not a coincidence. The idea to create high-quality carrier in Moscow was an American businessman Odessa-born Simon Garber, who at that time was a large fleet in new York. Co-owner of its assets was the lawyer Michael Cohen, who started his career with the trade of tokens a taxi, which then strongly grew in the price.

“Kommersant FM” contacted the President of the Moscow transport Union Yury Sveshnikov, who participated in creating the “Moscow taxi”. He said that Yuri Luzhkov personally oversaw the initiative and often listened to the Americans: “Periodically, there were some people who wanted in Moscow to introduce the new York practice — these are the yellow badges. Was invented and cunning financial scheme secondary market for these coins. That is, it such kvazilineinye sold, but for absolutely crazy prices — hundreds of thousands of dollars. People with approaches, apparently, Yuri Luzhkov, it is the fact advertised, and it at any certain stage was ready to agree with it. But there are healthy forces, including me, who literally at the last second, at the stage of signing of the contract by the mayor, managed to persuade him”.

Luzhkov himself was unavailable for comment. Michael Cohen, by the way, communication was not only in the Moscow city hall. While Garber helped to create a Russian carrier, the lawyer has established a private life. But this also was pragmatic: his father-in-law became a naturalized Odessa Fima Shusterman, who was able to introduce Cohen, trump, told “Kommersant FM”, the former us attorney Kenneth Meckelian, he was acting against those who laundered money in the U.S.: “the Family of Michael Cohen was a friend of the family Donald trump for decades. They began to work in new York, Cohen was the brother of Roy, a lawyer who defended members of organized criminal groups.”

When Roy died, Michael literally got into his shoes and reached what was to work for trump, was his “reshaloy”.

“Future American President liked the fact that Cohen was able to earn. In addition, he believed that through his connections with the Russian mafia, he will be able to promote your business in Russia,” explained Kenneth Makkelie.

With this appointment, things have advanced so much that Cohen has even become the consultant of Viktor Vekselberg signed a contract with him for $1 million, said in an interview with The New York Times Andrew Intrater, head of the Foundation Columbus Novа, which is included in structure of assets of the businessman. According to him, the meetings were held in the Trump Tower already during the election campaign. Perhaps it was a fatal mistake — Cohen drew the attention of spectacular Robert Mueller leading an investigation against a possible Russian intervention in elections in the United States.

And then I opened and other details of his biography, continues Kenneth Meckelian: “throughout his career, Cohen worked closely with the Russian mafia in the United States. Its members had evaded taxes, laundered money, and the lawyer, in turn, was built on money of Russian oligarchs in the business of trump. Media reported that 63 people with Russian passports bought the property in its skyscrapers. The origin of the money raises questions”.

The story of the payoffs for silence formally has no relation to the Russian track. However, the recognition of Michael Cohen called for the second victory of Robert Mueller, who is investigating the possible interference in the elections. Now Cohen is ready to testify that trump it can turn into big trouble. As for his friends in business, they have long profited from a major Metropolitan carrier. However, the company soon closed, and Simon Garber returned to the States, where he has several taxi services and a fortune of $300 million.