Looking for a woman: adviser to trump caught on with Butynol

Looking for a woman: adviser to trump caught on with Butynol

Congressmen demand from Bolton to explain the imagery in the music video Butinai.

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Congressmen asked to verify connection of the adviser to the President for national security John Bolton with the arrested in the United States a Russian citizen Marie Boutin. We are talking about a commercial butinai led by the organization “Right to arms”, whom Bolton at the time took part.

Two members of the house of representatives Subcommittee on national security, U.S. elij Cummings and Stephen Lynch appealed to the head of the administration of U.S. President John Kelly with the requirement to provide the documents on cooperation Advisor to Donald trump on national security John Bolton with Russian non-governmental organization “Right to arms”, which was headed by Maria Butina.

In his letter, the text of which was published by Politico, lawmakers point to a single authentic case of Bolton’s cooperation with this organization. Talking about the promotional video in which Bolton starred in 2013.

In the video, Bolton says the following:

“If the Russian government gave the right to people to bear arms, it would have created with the citizens partnerships. It would give them the opportunity to protect mothers, children and their families, and in any case would not have affected the integrity of the Russian state. This is my advice to your great people”.

How to write congressmen, Bolton in the same year took part in the round table on the law on weapons, which was hosted by Butinai. Please come to the meeting was sent to the future of the trump adviser to the President of the National rifle Association (National Rifle Association, NRA) David Keene. At the time Bolton, not working in the civil service, served as adviser for international relations within the organization.

The NRA is a powerful organization, founded in 1871, and unite gun owners in the United States. One of the most important directions of its activities — political lobbying: of the $250 million annual expenses of the organization to the needs of lobbying gets $3 million