The victim in cases of poisoning in hospitalized Amesbury

The victim in cases of poisoning in hospitalized Amesbury

Briton Charlie Rowley, who suffered from poisoning in Amesbury, hospitalized. This writes the newspaper The Guardian on 20 August, citing older brother, Charlie, Matthew.


According to the publication, Rowley was sent to the hospital over the weekend due to problems with vision. According to Matthew, his brother complained that he was all blurry.

“He just told me that he saw nothing, he still “floats”. On the phone, he was kind of distant. Said rather evasively, not giving value. I tried to ask him, but I couldn’t figure anything out,” said brother Charlie.

Matthew noted that he does not know whether the blurred vision brother poisoning, and repeated hospitalization called “coincidence”.

At the hospital, where Rowley was treated after the poisoning, refused to comment on the situation, saying only that at this point in the institution no of patients affected by nerve agents, adds “”.

Briton Charles Rowley and his companion, the British don Sturgess was found unconscious July 4. Four days later, 44-year-old woman died in hospital. Rowley has regained consciousness on July 10.

London groundlessly blamed the incident on Moscow. The Kremlin has expressed regret in connection with the death of Sturgess, rejecting all charges in connection with their groundlessness and saying about anti-Russian provocations of the British authorities.