“I was the victim of a provocateur and instigator”. Member of the “New grandeur” Dmitry Poletaev asks for help

“I was the victim of a provocateur and instigator”. Member of the “New grandeur” Dmitry Poletaev asks for help

His letter published to the portal “OVD-info”. Business FM talked to the mother of Poletaeva. According to her, no organization as such was not. What is known at the moment?

Involved in the case of the “New grandeur” Dmitry Poletaev asks for help. He wrote a letter from prison, and the mother handed him over to the “OVD-info”. The portal has published part of the message on their website:

“Hello, my name is Dmitry Poletaev. I was the victim of a provocateur and instigator, which is cleverly and cynically infiltrated the group, which at the primary level was designed to make ordinary people by the militants. At the same time to train their idealistic worldviews with which they can be manipulated. Very subtly and almost unnoticed… I would like to add to the end of my message that I very much need any support, moral and financial. I would be very glad if you promote my early release, because I, in turn, began to understand what it’s like to be in a place where everywhere you 80% limit. I know how to parent when their son/daughter in the blink of an eye find ourselves in jail with unknown people. And God forbid, good luck son/daughter to be more or less healthy inmates”.

Given “the New greatness” some Ruslan D., which in the case file as a witness. The participants of the “New grandeur” and their lawyers suspect that this is an undercover operative. It was he who proposed the creation of the Charter of the “New grandeur” and he wrote and distributed the roles in the group, breaking its cell — that is, gave the community all the necessary formal signs of extremist organizations.

A letter to Dmitry Poletaev dated 4 Aug. Only 11 days later was “March of mothers” after which the court transferred from prison under house arrest 18-year-old Anna Pavlikova and 19-year-old Maria Dubovik. In jail, except Dmitry Poletaev, remain 25-year-old Ruslan Kostylenko, 31-year-old Peter Karamzin and 21-year-old Vyacheslav Kryukov. Business FM talked with the mother of Dmitry Poletaeva Galina:

— Letter dated 4 August but published only now

— He asked. I couldn’t see, then realized that to remain silent is not necessary, we must act. A week ago I gave this letter. And here was published the day before yesterday. And I gave earlier, was Pavlikova Ani court.