Scouts failed technology

Scouts failed technology

What are the gaps in the work of the CIA found by Chinese intelligence.

Chinese spies have identified gaps in the work of the CIA and shared them with Russia, the newspaper writes Foreign Policy citing sources. According to journalists, now the US intelligence Agency is forced to change the way they work. All the details of the scandal — Lily Ponomareva, Anastasia Roizman.

This story is called the largest intelligence failure of the United States: two years in China have been arrested and killed dozens of American spies, almost completely destroyed the entire network of agents.

But as the government of China failed to disclose the employees of one of the most secret services of the world? That is the betrayal of one of them, of negligence or a banal leakage of information?

As found by the special Commission created at the FBI and CIA, a cruel joke played by the combination of all three factors. However the crucial was a technical imperfection of one of the spy gadgets. The Chinese government has managed to crack the internal encrypted channel, which was temporarily used for communication with sources.

Spies used it when they first made contact with informants. This is necessary to protect themselves from double agents, said a member of the Council on foreign and defense policy, former intelligence officer Alexander Mikhailov:

“The primary intelligence contact is very difficult to track, especially if we are talking about initsiativniki — people who offer their services. And, of course, the contacts, for example, through networks or via email, go unnoticed by the special services.