Blogger 70+ from Podolsk: about love for Instagram and the casting of “the eagle and tails”

Blogger 70+ from Podolsk: about love for Instagram and the casting of “the eagle and tails”

Pensioner Galina Spassky told RIAMA, as became a blogger and why useful gadgets for children.

Galina Spasskaya from Podolsk became famous after he participated in the casting for the program “heads and tails” for grandmothers. In her Instagram a few thousand subscribers and photos from around the world. She travels around Europe and works as a psychologist in school, defeated diabetes and dropped 30 lbs. On how to break down stereotypes about retirement, I fell in love with Instagram and why you do not need to hide the gadgets from kids, blogger told RIAMA.

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Galina Romanovna in Podolsk is a famous person. She is a radio journalist, founder and leader of the Youth Association of the new journalists, as well as teacher-psychologist of the Lyceum № 1 in the village of Lviv.

In his 70 plus, six months ago, she started a blog on Instagram, where he began to lay out the reports of the journeys and the original photo from daily life. Her posts, peppered with interesting historical facts, excerpts from the classics of world literature and a positive Outlook on life, reading has almost 9 thousand subscribers.

Recently Here — a nickname given to her students — participated in casting the role of leading the new project “heads and tails. Grandma” on the channel “Friday”. On the show looking for the leading exclusively to retirement age.

“If necessary, I can jump off a cliff! Rocks more than two meters do not offer! I am 70+, I had lived and almost not afraid of anything,” wrote Galina Spassky in his presentation.

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According to her, 70 life begins, and the main thing — to overcome stereotypes and have an active life position.

Considered if retired, your job is to wash, iron and oven pancakes grandchildren. This, of course, correct, but we should not forget about self-realization!Galina Spasskaya

Most Galina loves to travel, often together with a friend who is about 80. “We called 70+, and we are not millionaire! All travel to us — “pension”. Recently, for example, found a last-minute ticket to Prague for 8800 rubles with flights and Breakfast. Going for a half day and flew away! The benefit of a visa already had,” she says.

The trip to Italy was also spontaneous for a ticket to the Opera.

All my life I dreamed of going to La Scala. And when I was 70 years old, the daughter bought the ticket. Moreover, it cost cheaper than the Big theater.Galina Romanovna

“They began to look for how to get to the Opera. To fly direct flight to Milan is expensive. In the end part of the path traveled by plane and some by bus. Checked into a budget hotel, went around Milan. A dream come true!” — says Galina Romanovna.

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Now plans for grandma-blogger — visit the Kaliningrad. To fly wants “Victory”, which offers direct flights in November for 999 rubles. “How can you not visit the city, where he fought and was wounded my father?” she says.

About likes and dislike of selfies

Galina Romanovna continues to work as a educational psychologist in school. Her favorite topic is the development of a talented person. For 25 years, she has trained hundreds of talented children, which are in demand today in various fields.

By the way, the blog on Instagram, she started to make it easier to reach out to students. Now her posts draw hundreds of likes.

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“I’m an information line on the school website and noticed that the guys come back a little and rarely read. Once asked of his players, in what social networks they inhabit. So the idea came to work with them through Instagram,” she says.

On the initiative Here students responded quickly. Began to ask questions, to advise topics for posts and pictures of the teacher.