Vladimir Putin complained about “Putin-2018”

Vladimir Putin complained about “Putin-2018”

The residents of the Krasnoyarsk villages complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin on undeserved harassment of fishermen by security forces, conducting in the region of the operation “Putin-2018” to combat poaching. According to residents, the areas for sports fishing are within 100 km from settlements and licenses for the fishing of omul and other fish — the main seasonal pieces — not enough. In the Yenisei Directorate of the Russian Federal fisheries Agency believe that the residents of the district disingenuous: to the RAID they are actually engaged in poaching without a license and selling their catch, and seasonal enough blanks fishing rod.

The villagers of Bor and Podkamennaya Tunguska Turukhansk district of Krasnoyarsk region has addressed with the letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin to complain about the oppression of power and conservation structures, which is carried out in region special action “Putin-2018” for the prevention and suppression of offenses in the sphere of extraction of water bioresources. Their signatures under the letter (a copy is at the disposal of “Kommersant-Siberia”) delivered to 135 villages.

According Yenisei territorial administration Rosrybolovstva, the results of operatively-preventive operation “Putin-2018”, the initiator of which is the regional Moi, on August 1, 451 suppressed the fact of poaching (+48% compared to the same period of 2017). Prosecuted 45 people for 38 cases. In Yeniseisk, Turukhansk, Taimyr and Evenki areas on water objects of commercial fishing importance are identified 172 violations, and seized 6.5 tonnes of aquatic bioresources. On transportation routes and places of realization of water biological resources carried out 95 control activities and their results initiated 59 cases, 29 of which are criminal.

The villagers have also complained about unfair distribution of the fishing grounds.

According to them, areas for sports fishing are often remote from human settlements and more than 100 km. the Claim is and the lack of licenses for the catch of tugun, Arctic Cisco and other fish, which are the basis for seasonal preparations: “Yenisei management of Federal Agency for fishery was set for three villages — Bor, Podkamennaya Tunguska and Sumarokovo — quota catch of tugun in the amount of 500 kg Based on the quotas that each resident can prepare for the winter not more than 160 gr. the tugun”.

According to residents of the Turukhansk district, 3 thousand inhabitants issued more than 100 licenses. “Without licenses will be forced to fish without permits, and the law fined as poachers,” the inhabitants report to the President.

They note that fishing is a traditional type of economic activities and for many “fishing is the basis of existence.”

The authors of the letter demand to increase the quota for the catch of tugun and other approved species of fish for Bor village Council to not less than 30 t “in accordance with the real needs of the local population” and to give people the right of choice of sites of Amateur fishing. Furthermore, they Express disagreement with the policies of law enforcement agencies in conducting operational activities, allowing for the infringement of the rights of the local population.

People are under stress, afraid to go to the river, said a resident of the village of Bor Sergey Anosov.

The situation, according to him, involves a dozen villages along the Yenisei: “We believed that the special operation will help in the fight against poaching, and eventually chase those who catch fish for food, especially without understanding”. The Chairman of the Turukhansk district Council of deputies Yury Tagirov confirms that the situation on the issue of fishing sharpened. “There are prohibited for catching fish like sturgeon, but why punish people for weed fish — IDE, pike. For locals this is a common food.

About violations of those engaged in industrial fishing, not audible, but the local population consuming nets, boats.

At the same time near Turukhansk all the places on the river reserved for the Industrialists is to catch the established norm of 10 kg pike, local residents need to travel by car in a few tens of kilometers,” he says. According to his estimates, the approach to fishery rules should be differentiated: “it is Necessary to amend laws, revise quotas for the catch of fish for the population. Humanly it is necessary to approach in such matters.” In the interior region quickly to get a comment failed.

In the Yenisei TU Rosrybolovstva “Kommersant-Siberia” made it clear that in the Turukhansk district has an opportunity to fish with a fishing rod and the ability to buy a license from the organizers of Amateur and sport fishing for catching valuable fish species, including the network.

The area has 25 sites for the organization of recreational and sport fishing. License for catching fish on them give the Yenisei branch of the fsbi “Glavrybvod”, “North” and NP “Turukhansk commercial sector”. The cost of one license is 250-300 rubles. “for Example, the catch of tugun, we have a quota of 8 tonnes per year. It is about 1.6 thousand licenses. For each provided a catch of 5 kg. this year the village of Bor we have allocated 40 licenses more than last year: 50 licenses for the catch of tugun on the Yenisei and 230 on the Podkamennaya Tunguska river. However, not all of them are sold in the village — part of the licenses is realized in Krasnoyarsk”, — told “Kommersant-Siberia” in the Yenisei branch of “Glavrybvod”. The organization noted that the demand for licenses in the Turukhansk district increased dramatically after the gain control for catches of fish this year, because of this deficit.

“Until December 1 each year, depending on how mastered the license in the previous year, we apply to the Ministry of environment of the region the following fishing season. Given the increased demand, will likely increase the application for the license two or three times, but whether they’ll be OK, now unknown”, — have told in branch of “Glavrybvod”.

“The people of the district this letter to the President frankly admitted that he braconinae to the “Putin-2018″ and the licenses they did not need,” — said the head of the Department of fisheries of the Yenisei TU Rosrybolovstva Natalia Moroshkina. She noted that based on the rules of Amateur fishing of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, every year fans can catch the bait up to 18.5 tons of fish of valuable species.

“If all this fishing there is, from space the glow from a fisherman to be seen. Please, catch free, cut, but still want to catch it in the net and that fish of valuable species that has a weight on the market. However, recreational fishing does not involve the sale of the catch for personal consumption,” said MS Marushkina.

Requirement of district residents for permission to catch 30 tons of tugun unrealistic, she said, given that even the Industrialists in the area are caught not more than 24 tons per year.

“In addition, Amateur the quota can be calculated for each resident. So no fish is not enough. Quotas are allocated on the basis of scientific monitoring of water bioresources. Probably due to poaching in previous years from 2019, the region will not be issued quotas for Cisco, whitefish and white salmon population is in critical condition. This decision has already passed public hearings”, — said Natalia Moroshkina.

The problem of poaching in the Turukhansk district is acute, says the Deputy of legislative Assembly Dmitry Zhulev: “the Problem is not only that there is no catch quotas are not a valuable fish, but the problem in the catch of valuable fish species for which quota are not given at all. In the area with a length of 1.7 thousand km only one bailiff. During the fishing season in the spawning period control is enhanced, but the fish are taken with nets and in the winter.”

Oksana Pavlova