Songs Kirkorov and Buzova banned include in the Novgorod camp because of their implication

Songs Kirkorov and Buzova banned include in the Novgorod camp because of their implication

VELIKY NOVGOROD, August 15. /TASS/. Guide children’s health and education center “Olympian” in the Novgorod region built the list of performers, which is prohibited to include in discos in the camp.

In the list, which is spread in social networks, provided such artists as Philip and Olga Buzova. They made the list because of the subtext that can be read in their songs, said on Wednesday, TASS, the head of the camp Larisa Sudilovskaya.

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“We all have pedagogical education basically. This was discussed at the meeting of the teaching songs that have overtones and profanity, we kids discos here in our center is not set,” — said the Agency interlocutor. In the list, which has spread in social networks, named such artists as Philip, Hook, Timothy, Face, Olga Buzova, Monetochka and inversion.

“Written the book, I myself am a man of a different generation and enjoy listening to Kirkorov. Everyone understands what the song in question — “Color moods blue”, which can be traced to alcohol and drug overtones,” explained Sudilovskaya, adding that the list was created for internal use.

But the children didn’t ask for the song “Snow” or “Honey”, so the DJ was written just the book.Larisa Sudilovskaya camp

Regarding songs of Olga Buzova, the camp commander believes that they can hide sexual innuendo, and other listed artists, including obscene language. Sudilovskaya noted that in the camp of the children rest from 6.5 to 17 years of age and thus the user wanted to protect pupils from the influence of questionable songs. “Can you imagine a child from the kindergarten, they also go to the disco. They did it all listening to the lyrics of these songs, dancing and singing,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Sudilovskaya stressed that this prohibition applies only on General discos, as this is a public place. In his spare time is not controlled, what kind of music pupils of the camp.

Nothing criminal in this, no prejudice their interests, no one stops to listen to them at another time. They [children] of its column <…> they listened to what I wanted in my rooms.Larisa Sudilovskaya camp

Sudilovskaya also noted that at the dance, however, music plays for young performers, but did not specify which ones.