“Revealed a murky personality”: the Dude released an interview with Dorenko

“Revealed a murky personality”: the Dude released an interview with Dorenko

YouTube channel-blogger Yuri Duda published an interview with the chief editor of radio station “Moscow speaking” Sergei Dorenko. In just a few hours, the video has gained over 240 thousand views already ranked first in the tab “Trends” YouTube.

Traditionally, the conversation began with the financial issue. However, in the new issue went on the offensive himself a radio host. Dorenko suggested that the Dude earns in a month about 10 million rubles and jokingly complained that the blogger was able to pay him for the interview. Dude, in turn, noted that the radio host almost guessed the amount of his earnings.

In General, the conversation was devoted to a discussion of the relationship Dorenko, Boris Berezovsky, the last broadcast on ORT, the tragedy of the submarine “Kursk” and the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, the radio announcer said, who believes the best Russian journalist to date, and compared modern Russia with the Russia of the 1990s.

Interview aroused great interest among YouTube users. In their view, it was interesting, but his character has caused users a bad impression. They note that Dorenko was trying to seem smarter than it really is, and twist as much in the pan, not the answer normally any question.