The mystery of gold owl in France 25 years looking for hidden treasure

The mystery of gold owl in France 25 years looking for hidden treasure

Somewhere in France lies buried in the ground, a small bronze statuette of an owl, and whoever finds it will get a prize in the form of the original statues of gold and silver.

The finder expects honor and respect as a person, to unravel one of the most challenging puzzles of our time.

It all started with that in 1993 in France, the writer Max Valentine published an illustrated book entitled “Sur La Trace de La Chouette d’or” (“In search of the Golden owl”), previously somewhere burying a figurine of an owl. Somewhere only he knows.

At the time Amateur of the treasure was on the rise thanks to a phenomenally popular in Britain, the book “Masquerade,” which in August 1979, issued by the artist kit Williams.

The Adventures Of Jack Hare

The book was based on the old principle that somewhere there is a buried treasure, which leads to either a map or a series of intricate instructions, and the adventurers should find it.

NewsTreasures of the French crown

Prior to the Carnet Williams at his own expense, produced a suspension in the form of a hare from 18 carat gold, decorated with precious stones, which in the presence of a witness was buried in a secret location, pre-placing the rabbit in a ceramic casket — to protect from dirt and metal detectors.

Owner Williams sold a hundred thousand copies and was published not only in Britain but also in Australia, South Africa, West Germany, Japan, and Italy even got its own version of “Il tesoro di Masquerade” with another buried treasure is already on Italian territory.

Hare Jack was found three years later, but later, in 1988, it became clear that the winner was dirty, and the whole thing ended with a scandal. Keith Williams was in shock, and the Golden hare in the same year, was auctioned at Sotheby’s. In 2012 he became one of the exhibits at London’s V&A Museum, dedicated to British design 1948-2012 years.


For the hare Jack was followed by other books-puzzles for homegrown hunters, however, while all the hidden “secrets” in the end were the French owl is still waiting in the wings.