Parrot swore at saving his fire

Parrot swore at saving his fire

And flew to the next roof.

Parrot Jesse had spent three days on the roof of a house in North London. Female blue-yellow macaw accidentally fluttered carelessly in the open window.

The bird has not flown away, she almost sat motionless in one place, but to go home was not going.

Parrot owner To bond with her say ‘I love you’
Firefighter: ‘I love you’
Jessie the Parrot: ‘I love you’
Jessie then turned the air blue & the firefighter flipped the bird. Read the story of the potty-mouthed parrot in Cuckoo Hall Lane © @PaulWood1961

— London Fire Brigade (@LondonFire) 13 Aug 2018

Thinking that Jesse is hurt and cannot fly off the roof, the owners called a team of animal rescue. They, however, failed — needed a very high ladder, which was available only for firefighters. Firefighters readily agreed to help a fugitive.

The owners advised the firefighters to go to the bird with the words “I love you”. For Jessie, it’s something like a password, after which the bird must go together. Firefighter, rising to the parrot, did so.

“I love you!” — Jessie answered. But immediately after that the squad fell down a hail of curse words.