Demi Lovato after the hospital went to rehab

Demi Lovato after the hospital went to rehab

Singer demi Lovato was hospitalized in late July with the alleged drug overdose, a few months went to the Chicago rehabilitation center.

As the portal E! News, discharged from hospital, Cedars-Sinai, the artist has already begun a programme of rehabilitation and are focused on addiction recovery, mental health and well-being.

According to reports an anonymous source, the family has restricted all unwanted contacts demi Lovato with the outside world, and all the concert this year is canceled.

The insider also said that demi is feeling much better and beginning to endorse the actions of the doctors after she realized that her life was in serious danger.

American actress and singer demi Lovato was released from the hospital in Los Angeles on 7 July. The reason for the hospitalization was alleged drug overdose, Lovato indirectly confirmed in his instagram.