Tourists complained the Holy water of Notre Dame

Tourists complained the Holy water of Notre Dame

In the Church I suspect someone’s evil intent.

Just a group of pilgrims got sick after visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, reported French media.

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Catholics, who came to the service on Sunday, complained of a headache and tingling of the face. They were hand dipped in consecrated water to make the sign of the cross.

One of the priests told the local media that the water had an unpleasant smell. Sounded the assumption that it was specifically poisoned.

The district police have been unable to determine why affected visitors to the temple. But the local government made a statement that there is no risk to the public the consecrated water in Notre Dame is not.

Employees of the temple just in case, thoroughly cleanse the special bowl at the entrance of the temple, in which water is stored.

“If this desecration, we will carefully investigate this incident,” commented the mayor of Ariel veil.

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