In Kenya the Hippo to death bitten tourist

In Kenya the Hippo to death bitten tourist

BEIJING, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. Hippopotamus in Kenya was attacked to death and bites a tourist from Taiwan while trying to photograph the animal from close range, according to the Bureau for tourism in Taiwan, the Ministry of transport and communications.

A resident of Taiwan, 66-year-old man surnamed Chan, came to Kenya tour to lake Naivasha to the North-West of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Trying to get a good picture of a Hippo, Chan is getting too close to him. The Behemoth reacted instantly and bit the tourist in the chest area. Soon the people of Taiwan, died from injuries.

The newsLists the main causes of death on leave

Attacked by a wild animal and subjected to a 62-year-old PAL Jang by name, he managed to get off with minor injuries and bruises.

Embassy of China in Nairobi after the incident, has urged citizens in Kenya are closer to the hippos and not to feed them, trying to attract attention.

According to the Chinese Embassy, hippos look peaceful and calm, but can attack on the tourists when you’re scared. Hippos can get yourself a loud noise, the flash of the camera, the man approached. Despite their size, these animals are in attack move very fast, often a person faces a fatal outcome.