American killed after a small dog bite

American killed after a small dog bite

Not only bite dogs, but even a seemingly harmless lick the hands of the owner could lead to his death or to cause serious harm, warn doctors. Only in the last few weeks contained in dog saliva bacteria suffered two samokovlija, one of which paid for the love of dogs life. What is the danger of dog saliva and what to do if you suspect infestation, to understand “Газета.Ru”.

58-year-old American Sharon Larson from Wisconsin felt unwell the next day, after her little bit of homemade puppy who recently started her family. Larson even just in case showed the dog to the vet, but found no reason for concern. When the woman realized that suddenly weakened so much that is unable to hold a glass of water, her family urgently appealed to the emergency Department.

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At the hospital, doctors found that women began to reject the kidney. The blood test showed the presence of bacteria Capnocytophaga canimorsus, which is part of the microflora in the mouth of dogs and cats. They are rarely capable of causing disease in humans, but Larson no luck. Although the doctors urgently started therapy with antibiotics, she died the next day. About the tragic case reported by the Huffington Post.

The woman’s family heartbroken.

“I feel like I got robbed. Like I right hand cut off,” says her husband.

Deaths from infection with Capnocytophaga canimorsus is so rare that even the count of such cases is not carried out. Sharon’s son, Stephen, thinks this is wrong:

People need to know that you need to be as careful as possible. Even a small dog bite can turn into a tragedy. Even something so simple can go wrong.

The family will always remember Sharon as “an amazingly kind and caring woman.”

“Her smile will live on in her five grandchildren and six, soon to be born,” says her daughter, Stacey.

A few weeks before the U.S. there was another similar case with a slightly more favorable outcome patient survived, although he lost all the limbs.

48-year-old Greg Manteufel just licked pet dog.

But soon he developed fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Man thought I had the flu, but when on the arms and legs began to spread dark spots, immediately went to the doctor.

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In the hospital he was diagnosed with blood poisoning. A week in the hospital the doctors first amputated the feet of Greg, then they had to remove his legs at the knee. A few weeks later, it became clear that the hands also will not be able to save the doctors had to amputate both hands, and then part of the arm to mid-forearm.

Was amazed and nose men. According to doctors, he will need some plastic surgery to restore the face.