The Kremlin has attended to the problem of falling rating “an United Russia”

The Kremlin has attended to the problem of falling rating “an United Russia”

In the President’s administration pondered an increase in the rating of “United Russia”. On the solution of this task are representatives of the party and the Kremlin, said a source “Газеты.Ru”. Of the latest proposals — demonstration of the “fresh faces” EP, as well as the development of new party projects.

New faces by rating

In the President’s administration attended to the issue of raising the rating of the party “United Russia”, told the “Газете.Ru” knowledgeable source.

Since the announcement of the impending pension reform sociologists commits a serious decline in the rating of the ruling party. So, according to VTSIOM, on August 10, the electoral rating of the ruling party was only 34.9 per cent.

The last time such a result sociologists recorded only in December 2011 — on the eve of a massive opposition protests.

The source “Газеты.Ru” claims that the task to raise the rating of the EP is the leadership of the political unit, and the party will work this issue jointly with the AP.

“Now all think how to solve the problem with the fall of the rating”, — said the source.

However, any details about specific plans to address this problem, the source said. According to one of interlocutors of the edition, talking about this been going on for several weeks.

A source close to the Kremlin, said that the problem began to think soon after the comment of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about increase of the retirement age. The Russian leader said that he himself no option of raising the retirement age do not like. However, he stressed that such a decision will sooner or later have to accept, as otherwise the pension system will simply burst.

There were common ideas on how to change the perception of the party in the eyes of the population — for example, to look for new faces among the members of the EP, which will be appreciated by the electorate.

“We need to show that the “United Russia” is not only officials and deputies, but also doctors, teachers, people who do good deeds,” — said the source “Газеты.Ru”.

Another source confirms that this approach is considered. “The idea is to show a new face,” he says.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the changes in the pension system can be compensated close to liberal initiatives.

In the Kremlin “Газете.Ru” did not refute these reports, however, the interlocutor of the edition noted that the party is always interested in your ranking, especially before elections, so “this is nothing new”.