“This place will be burned”: in southern California arrested the arsonist forest

“This place will be burned”: in southern California arrested the arsonist forest

In southern California on suspicion of arson arrested 51-year-old Forrest Gordon Clark.


It the police believed the culprit of the fire in the mountains of southern California. This center is one of the three epicenters of the California fires — called “Holy” because the flames in this area rises to the heavens, Recalling the biblical fire.

“Holy” has already destroyed more than 9.6 thousand acres of forest.

The court decided to elect him a measure of restraint in form of detention and has called the extremely high amount of potential bail — $ 1 million.

As reported by officials of orange County, Clarke sent an email to the chief of the local volunteer fire brigade letter with the threat. “This place will be burned,” read the email.

Clark resisted the arrest, so he was charged with not only arson, but also terrorism, and resisting arrest.

Authorities say that arson committed by Clark on Monday, the final end of his long dispute with neighbours. The fire destroyed all 12 nearby houses, except the house of the Clark.

Susan Schroeder, the press Secretary of the Prosecutor of orange County, said that the arsonist will be held accountable “for this awful crime”.

Forest fires this year were the strongest in the history of California. To localize the fire — that is, to stop the spread of fire, but not to extinguish it is possible only to half of the territory in flames. The fire will rage at least until the first week of September, said fire Department.

According to the Department of forestry and fire protection California fire engulfed 600 thousand acres and continues to expand. Until fire control about five percent of the fire area because of the extremely high temperature. The authorities expect that after a cold snap this weekend, firefighters will be able to work harder.

The fires this year, three powerful hearth — “Complex of Mendocino”, “Carr” and “Holy.”

The largest of these — “Complex of Mendocino” (Mendocino Fire Complex). His education has led the Union of two separate large fires. In the area for two weeks the area covered by the fire, equal to the area of Los Angeles.

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In the North, in the County of Shasta, has been raging for a separate fire, called “Carr” (Carr fire). He burned more than 176 thousand acres of forest, destroyed more than thousand houses and caused the death of at least seven people

In the South of the state Monday grows another fire, called “Holy” (Holy Fire). This fire was caused by Clark, according to police.