Pamfilova asked not to produce the initiative group for referendum on retirement age

Pamfilova asked not to produce the initiative group for referendum on retirement age

Moscow. August 10. INTERFAX.RU. The head of the Central election Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova has asked not to produce many of the initiative group on referendum on raising the retirement age as it reduces the chances of it holding.

“I want to hear the initiators of the creation of such initiative groups, sorry for the tautology, for the referendum. Please don’t procreate further the same in essence but different in form questions. Well, there is already a group. The more of these groups, the more we make decisions, the less likely it is generally that someone comes to this referendum,” — said Pamfilova at the meeting of the Central election Commission on Friday.

Unite has, there are already questions. And now we still have two bids to consider. This is more than enough. Unite has around those who you like, where already formulated questions. If now everybody is going to invent a similar question, and we will constantly meet and churning, a devaluation generally of the idea of a referendum.Ella Pamfilova CEC

“Who will benefit? Not to carving, as the Sergeant’s widow. There are already initiatives, there are groups. Today, I hope that will be the last decision on this issue,” — said Pamfilova.

She noted that the CEC did not expect that there will be such activity after decisions taken by the Commission with the approval of the three questions of the initiative groups. “Now the results of the meeting there are 20 applications for the registration of regional sub-groups with the relevant documents, they arrived in 15 regional election commissions,” — said the CEC head.