The FSIN said the number released by the law “day and a half in prison”

The FSIN said the number released by the law “day and a half in prison”

Moscow. 8 Aug. INTERFAX.RU — Russian courts after the entry into force of the law, sexcityasia one day of detention before sentencing for a day and a half in prison, released so far only about 170 prisoners out of a possible 100 thousand. This was reported in the press office of the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN).

“As of August 3 at court for sentence in accordance with the above law sent the materials in respect of 30.5 thousand prisoners, of whom the courts considered 253 materials”, — stated in the message the press office, arrived on Wednesday to “Interfax”.

It is noted that by results of consideration of 167 convicts released from places of imprisonment, 86 convicts reduced sentence.

“According to data of territorial bodies of the FSIN of the provisions of the new wording of article 72 of the Criminal code (criminal code) can be applied to 100 thousand prisoners serving a sentence of imprisonment,” — said in a press release.

On 4 July it became known that President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on amendments to article 72 of the criminal code concerning offset time of the individual’s detention prior to sentencing and service of sentence of deprivation of liberty.

According to the law, one day of detention until the sentence comes into force will be counted: the sentence to be served in prison and the correctional colonies of strict and special modes — in a single day; the sentence to be served in a correctional colony of General regime and educational colony for a day and a half; with punishment serving in a colony-settlement for two days.

The time of custody until the sentence of the court will be counted in the sentence: the sentence to be served in a disciplinary military unit at the rate of one day for a half day; in the case of restriction of liberty, forced labour and seizure — one day, two days; for corrective works and restrictions on military service — one day for three days; in the case of compulsory works at the rate of one day of detention for 8 hours of obligatory works.