Citizen of the United States “in safe hands”. Detained by border guards John Martin William was hospitalized in Anadyr

Citizen of the United States “in safe hands”. Detained by border guards John Martin William was hospitalized in Anadyr

Detained by Russian border guards near the village of Lavrentiya (Chukotskiy district center of district of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (CHAO)) US citizen John William Martin III is undergoing rehabilitation at the district hospital in Anadyr: he has SARS after several days at sea in a rubber boat. The Governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin announced that the American had primary care, but refrained from commenting about his fate.

In Anadyr the detained August 1, citizen of the United States delivered on Friday, August 3. Mr. Martin, a mild form of SARS, at the moment he is in the infectious Department of the hospital. On Monday, the Governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin at a press conference said that the life of a citizen of the United States “not threatened”:

He is in good hands. At least, primary care forces County hospital gave him. Our task, perhaps this was. If he wanted to stay here? This we learn after a while. It’s hard to say the situation is unusual.

The journalists ‘ questions about the future of the American head of the region said that “this is a matter for the relevant services.”

Locals American said that two weeks ago was fishing on the Yukon river and decided to go to China, where his wife. After a few days with the wind and over his rubber boat washes ashore on the Russian coast and washed ashore near settled in the 1970-ies the village of Nunyamo, 10 km from the administrative center of the Chukotka district of the village of Lawrence. “The boat washed up, he went hungry and cold. Old people there fed him and called the Department and they came and took it. Will understand”, — told Kommersant on condition of anonymity, one of the residents of the district.

He said that he sailed from the Yukon to China. On our side, he requested a Russian passport and to be sent to China. But he’s got such a track record, he is a criminal in the past large — and there is pedophilia in 1991, as he spoke, some thefts, something. Dark personality, maybe a felon, fugitive, maybe a mentally ill person.A local resident

Two days the detainee was in the district, then with the boat sent to Anadyr. In the district capital, a US citizen again interviewed. It turned out that 46-year-old John William Martin III, city of Soldotna (AK) resides in the largest city in the state — anchorage.

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“On Friday he was placed in the infectious Department of the hospital where, theoretically, he will spend ten days, but not everything will depend on the physicians. Because the citizen does not understand the Russian language, he did not give consent to medication and while without them. Saying that he didn’t like the jelly. Complaints it seems to be no, — said the source “Kommersant” in local authorities.

The border guard of the FSB in the Eastern Arctic district (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) the incident has not yet commented. Earlier official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that, according to preliminary data, the US citizen out to sea near the mouth of the Yukon about two weeks ago and lost orientation due to difficult weather conditions. He received medical treatment, authorities of the Chukotka municipal district organized test events, said Ms. Zakharova. According to her, about this fact the government of the Chukotka Autonomous district informed the U.S. Consulate General in Vladivostok.