Surrounded by enemies: why Lukashenko turned away from Russia

Surrounded by enemies: why Lukashenko turned away from Russia

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko does not want to be “taken by the throat”. For this reason, Belarus will seek new trade partners, not to depend on the Russian market.

The head of the country is ready to bet on China and Africa. While Russia remains a key trade partner of Belarus, and the rhetoric of Lukashenka due to the election campaign, experts say

A sharp statement in the address of Russia, Alexander Lukashenko made this week during a working visit of “visiting the fields of the 1st Minsk poultry factory”. Here are grown cereals for feed. He began from afar, noting the fact that a landowner employs seven to eight workers in related industries. So, the village needs to support. “If we’re going to stop, imagine half the country will go without work,” Lukashenka is quoted by BelTA news Agency.

Lukashenko believes that it is cheaper to produce their milk or meat than to import.

That Russia was not taken by the throat

He cited the example of Russia, where he actively started to develop agriculture, despite the availability of huge resources that allow you to import products. According to the Belarusian President, no wonder that coined the term “food security”.

“When you have your and you someone deliver it in any time you can go for the jugular. All, no independence, no sovereignty,” — said Lukashenko, adding that “everything must have its what we can do”.

It is necessary not only to feed the nation, but exports of agricultural products to increase. In different countries. Food will soon be in demand on the world markets is doubly so Belarus “is in all points” to sell “the fact that today produces abundantly.” “Africa rises, China will consume a lot” — said Lukashenko. He admitted that to sell abroad is becoming increasingly difficult.

You see, as we break into the Chinese market, diversify sales of food worldwide, not to depend on one of the Russian market.Alexander Luxinnovation Belarus

In 2017 the main trading partners of the Republic were the Russian Federation — 51,2% of the total volume of trade turnover, Ukraine — 7,3%, China 4,9%, Germany — 4.5%, UK 4%, Poland — 3.8%, the Netherlands at 2.1%, Lithuania — 1,8%, Turkey 1.5% Italy 1.2%, Kazakhstan — 1.1%, respectively.

Russia for many years remains a key trade partner of Belarus. In 2017, the trade turnover between the two countries amounted to more than $30 billion, up by 28.72% compared to the year 2016. Russia’s exports to Belarus in 2017 amounted to more than $18 billion, an increase of 31%.

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