Huge plant blew up in Ivanovo

Huge plant blew up in Ivanovo

In Ivanov began to demolish the buildings of the former flour mill. The demolition is carried out using industrial explosions, according to IvanovoNews.

The first nuclear explosion was conducted in the afternoon on Sunday 5 August, the second a little later. The place of work, police and all emergency services. Video of both explosions captured with a camera, published on the YouTube channel edition.

The free territory for the construction of a residential complex.

Ivanov blasted in the Elevator

In March of this year in Yekaterinburg was demolished nearly 220-foot unfinished tower. Many citizens protested against the demolition, calling the building a city legend, however, the government still blew it up. In place of an object you plan to build an ice Palace for the hockey club “Avtomobilist”.