Kudrin took on the role of “fighter for justice”

Kudrin took on the role of “fighter for justice”

The audit chamber under the leadership of former Finance Minister and head of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin will act as a “fighter for justice” and “guarantee transparency”, writes RBC with reference to the new strategy of the Ministry.

A new document was adopted in connection with the appointment of Kudrin, who succeeded to his post Tatyana Golikova. In April she went to work in the government as Deputy Prime Minister.

In the previous version of the strategy, adopted in 2013, the main mission of the accounting chamber was entitled “control and disposal of state resources to create conditions for a dignified life and free development of man.”

Now the Agency is going to become not only a fighter and a guarantor, but also “competence centre” for other government agencies, a strategic partner, to help calculate the risks, and a responsible employer.

It is planned that the chamber will pass the other authorities established standards of audit and control, “to increase public control over the disposal of state resources” and “develop a sense of the taxpayer”.

While some of the wording is similar to the previous version. The main mission is: “to Promote fair and responsible governance as a necessary condition for sustainable development of Russian society and a dignified life”.

August 1, Kudrin proposed to lay off one third of Russian officials through processes of digitalization. Reductions of itself and the chamber, said the former Minister. He also promised to conduct fewer audits.

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