Kudrin intends to expand anti-corruption powers of the accounting chamber

Kudrin intends to expand anti-corruption powers of the accounting chamber

The Chairman of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin on the issue of whether it intends to extend the powers of his body has declared that does not exclude this possibility in the medium term, reports “Interfax”.

“It is not excluded after the analysis. But I think that not earlier than in six months or a year. I touched on this topic and with the State Duma and the President, about whether to extend competence”, — said Kudrin, who said that the chamber could make a significant contribution to strengthening the fight against corruption.

Since we are working in this field, we dig, we can in this area to join forces to take additional competencies that will complement current control and avoid risks. We will contribute to improving anti-corruption legislation. We want to become one of the centers of competences in the country’s anti-corruption activities.Alex Quadripedal of the accounting chamber

According to Alexei Kudrin, the Ministry is studying the measures against illicit enrichment, including, thanks to its unique powers to access private data organizations through direct access to their information systems. The Chairman of the audit chamber added that his Department is developing proposals to improve the functioning of state organs. According to him, the eventual outcome should be the implementation of continuous remote monitoring, which will reduce opportunities for corruption.

“The documents that we develop, the steps taken should minimize the possibility of corruption. That is, in the end we have corrupt officials should be identified less (because.— “Kommersant”), that they became less, — he told.— Therefore, we will develop methods and models to ultimately less have these loopholes of corruption”.