Strong berry: in Uzbekistan freak unbreakable watermelon

Strong berry: in Uzbekistan freak unbreakable watermelon

In the Internet appeared the video, where some of the Uzbeks are trying to break the ground watermelon, throwing his two-meter height, but they do nothing comes of it.

The author of the video, commenting on what is happening behind the scenes, said that “this is some wild watermelon”, since it can’t break on a hard surface. Usually, ripe berries bursting in his hands with pressure, and if it is accidentally dropped on the pavement, she’s just a crack, to the great chagrin of the owner.

This fruit behaves like a basketball Bouncing off the ground without any damage. From the outside it looks like a tale about chicken Ryaba, except that the mouse in the end is not enough.

In August, the height of the watermelon-melon season, and on 2 August in Russia, Navy day, which is considered the unofficial start of sales of this giant juicy berries. Most importantly, to the brave Marines who like to show the valiant daring in different ways, including smashing watermelons with his head caught such a “die hard”, otherwise not escape trouble.

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