Scheme uncovered a multimillion-dollar embezzlement on the reconstruction of the residence of Putin

Scheme uncovered a multimillion-dollar embezzlement on the reconstruction of the residence of Putin

The theft of budget funds in the reconstruction of the residence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo, which involved high-ranking officers of the Federal guard service (FSO) have been the result of increased rates of payment. This is with reference to an informed source reports “Rosbalt”.

According to him, the consequence considers that it was wasted more than 1.2 billion rubles of the total damages in the amount of 1.5 billion.

In the case of figures, the criminal group, whose leader calls, the Agency co-owner GK “Baltstroy” Dmitry Mikhalchenko (under arrest from March 2016). His accomplices were the second co-owner Dmitry Sergeyev (arrested) and the head of state-owned enterprises in FSO Andrew Fireplaces (arrested), involved Mikhalchenko to commit a crime head of service engineering and technical support FSO, major-General Igor Vasiliev (according to “Rosbalt”, he was charged) and one of his subordinates and top managers of other institutions subordinated to the “Baltstroy”.

The group had organized a large-scale delays the start of work on the residence: all builders are required to obtain tolerances to the presence of a secret facility and each time undergo a complete inspection, also very long were tested all entering the territory of the technique.

Because of delays in construction is constantly being done after hours, and as a result of “Baltstroy” set FSO question about what to carry out work in residence at the standard payment ratios impossible. The secret service agreed on this issue with the Ministry and has introduced enhanced factors due to which “Baltstroy” illegally received more than $ 1.2 billion.

In addition, about 225 million was wasted due to high “Meltstream” prices of air conditioning system installed with the participation of “daughters” GK, and made “exorbitant prices” the roof of the residence.

Representatives of the “Baltstroj” also appear in the so-called case of the restorers, in which was abducted tens of millions of rubles on the reconstruction projects of the Novodevichy convent in Moscow Museum of cosmonautics in Kaluga and other objects. Structure FSO suing GK in the Moscow arbitration, demanding from the company a total of 2.75 billion. Consideration of the claim on July 30 has been postponed to the autumn.