Scientists: radiation from mobile phones does not cause brain cancer

Scientists: radiation from mobile phones does not cause brain cancer

Communication by mobile phone and microwave use do not cause brain tumors, scientists discovered by the Spanish in the most ambitious to date research. However, they doubt the safety of frequent and prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from these devices.

Spanish scientists from the Barcelona Institute for global health has found no proven link between electromagnetic radiation and brain cancer. The results of the study were published in the journal Environment International.

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Electromagnetic waves radiate many modern devices, from microwave ovens to mobile phones. Many people are afraid of this radiation, assuming that it is able to lead to the formation of brain tumors. But a new study shows that it is not.

The fears of the population is partially justified, because the electromagnetic radiation includes UV, x-ray and gamma radiation, which is really able to provoke the development of cancer.

Recently, however, more worrying are weak electromagnetic waves in the range of a few kilohertz. Seven years ago on the basis of the available research who even included them in the list of potential carcinogens. However, the fact of inclusion in this list does not confirm the negative impact on the body.

To measure the impact of electromagnetic waves on the brain is quite problematic — the space is literally riddled with them. In addition, brain cancer itself is relatively rare. It is therefore difficult to assess whether tumor growth can contribute to it electromagnetic radiation.Newsfear, Fear: how to cope with a phobia

On the basis of the existing scientific literature, the researchers developed a matrix to assess the electromagnetic waves of several types, from very long to short (from 3 kHz to 10 MHz) and ultrashort (from 10 MHz to 300 GHz). The impact of the waves of this length are often in the workplace.

They then sorted in accordance with the matrix data on primary malignant brain tumors and mobile phone use have about 4000 persons and compared with a control group of 5000 people. The study considered data of participants from seven countries working in different fields, including medical diagnostics, telecommunications, and radar.