FNS allowed the Russians to pay taxes for other people

FNS allowed the Russians to pay taxes for other people

2019 also individuals will be able to pay property taxes in a single payment.

Moscow. August 1. INTERFAX.RU — physical persons from 1 January 2019 can pay property taxes in one payment, according to a statement on the website of the Federal tax service (FNS).

The law to make it easier to individuals the payment of property taxes and establishing a unified tax payment, signed by the President.

Individuals will be able within the framework of a payment order to transfer funds to the budget system. The amount will be credited to the appropriate account of the Federal Treasury for payment of the tax on property of physical persons, as well as transport and land taxes. Payments will be received in the budgets at the location of respective objects of taxation.

Credit payment, the tax authorities will conduct themselves when the due date for the payment of property taxes. It is assumed that in the first place will be off-set amounts to pay off arrears and debts on penalties and interest on taxes if any. The taxpayer will be informed of the decision. All data will be reflected in the personal Cabinet of the taxpayer.

In addition, a single payment can realize not only the taxpayer but also any other person for him.

However, the other person will not be entitled to claim a refund — only the taxpayer is eligible.

FNS believes that the use of the single tax payment will significantly reduce the time spent on the registration of payment documents, as well as minimizes the error of citizens in the filling of several payment orders.