Why in hotels in Turkey hurt Russian tourists

Why in hotels in Turkey hurt Russian tourists

Insults, threats, and premature eviction from the property, or fighting are just a few “services” that can be included in the all inclusive. Such cases, experts stress, is possible in any country with high tourist traffic. As a stay at Paradise resort turns into a hell for some Russian tourists — says “Газета.Ru”.

On the first day after arrival at the hotel to Turunc (Turkey), a resident of Rostov-na-Donu, Yuliya Kasyanenko found that the beach of the hotel is a “miserable piece of land between the Parking of vehicles. Covered in garbage, broken glass, dead fish, so use them at least dangerous. In this regard, you have to go to paid beaches. But when we tried to complain to the Manager, he said: don’t like it let them go to another hotel”.

When a tourist tried to clarify the situation, the Manager gave her scandal with shouts and threats of eviction. Two days later in the rest room together with Julia the girls in the middle of the night the fire alarm went off. After a request to disable the girls not just rudely sent back home, but once again threatened with eviction.

The Manager was screaming that she was removed from the hotel with our entire company that we dare not be dissatisfied. Threatened her. The next day, “the showdown” came hotel guide and said that we were silent — otherwise the Manager will really throw us out of the hotel together with the kids. He explained all the “national temperament”: the Turks can not stand when women cry.Yuliya Kasyanenko

Did not support the Russians and the tour operator, who advised them to sit quietly if they want to go without any problems.

The punishment of “guilty” Russian stopped to change the linens in the rooms and also provide other paid services. Tourists also said to contact the police makes no sense, because law enforcement will still stand on the Turkish side. But if the team will continue to swing right, then it supposedly can end their bringing to responsibility for violation of public order.

Surprise in swimsuit

Russian tourists often say that abroad to citizens of the Russian Federation the attitude of the staff is different from how they treat other foreigners. One of the most common problems is the language barrier that exists, of course, not only in Turkey.

The newsdoes not include all

“In most cases, we pointedly didn’t pay attention. When handling any request in the Russian language at the reception pretended that do not understand. However, on the day of departure the entire staff was explaining in quite tolerable Russian, how much we should pay for three packs of cigarettes bought there,” says Eugene vacationing in a five star hotel in Kemer.

Elena, who decided to spend vacation in one of the hotels of Alanya, faced with the fact that the Russian guests were given a plastic beverage cups (whereas tourists who speak other languages, gave glasses), and threw the ice with his bare hands, no gloves, “I have never seen this, so he returned the cups with that ice and asked to be replaced. In response, he said that more than do nothing I poured and didn’t serve me all evening.”

A tourist from St. Petersburg Anastasia Mostowicz faced with the problem of another nature. In early June, she checked into the hotel in Marmaris.

The hotel positions itself as Muslim, but before booking the girl was assured that the only limitation — a ban on alcohol, the rest conditions are the same as in other places. At sea you can be in bathing suits.

Anastasia laid out in instagram video, where she is depicted in a swimsuit, and added a geotag location. In the evening from the hotel page in private messages to instagram came a request to remove geolocation, because candid photos tourist deters customers of the Islamic faith. The girl refused to do so, after which the hotel put it in the black list from the official account in the social network.

This is a very unreasonable towards their beloved Muslim customers who are not seeing the real picture on the Internet, will be very surprised by the presence of “naked” European women in the hotel. I don’t understand why this hotel is still open for Europeans?! And maybe, just a wild dislike for Russian women? Donte understand.Anastasia Mostowych“We fled with his daughter barely alive”

However, sometimes words — even offensive — it does not end there. So, Muscovite Irina vacationing in early July in Antalya with two children, said that the hotel employee was beaten by her son and daughter.