Australian woman quit her job to become a retro housewife

Australian woman quit her job to become a retro housewife

Like the old classic movies.

28-year-old Jemima Collins from Brisbane decided to radically change his life and to devote himself to the care of her husband and home. She left a well-paid job of a criminologist and retrained in the classic housewife.

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Why classical? Because Jemima is a real fan of retro style, and holds a large collection of clothing and accessories of the 1950-ies. Dresses, shoes, gloves, hats, brooches and more she decided not to keep in the wardrobe for special occasions, and wear them every day.

All the chores Collins makes in such classic outfits and in the role of Housewives from the past greets her husband home from work.

Woman, 28, quits her career to become a full time ‘housewife’

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“Some would say that I’m insane and go against feminism, but I don’t care. It’s my choice, and I like it very much”, — the girl told the journalists of the Daily Mail.

According to Gemini, they have the traditional family while the husband earns money, it supports the atmosphere of the house clean.

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“People often look back when I’m in my vintage dresses go shopping or drink coffee in cafes, but I like it. I feel confident and comfortable, and it makes me absolutely happy,” said Collins.

In recognition of the Australian, she became interested in vintage style after I lost 30 lbs. She wanted to emphasize a new shape with the help of feminine dresses and stopped on the style of the 50s. But her love for vintage things were not limited to clothing, it also buys antique furniture, dishes and decor that adorns your home.

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