The state Duma has allowed pupils to choose Russian as their native language

The state Duma has allowed pupils to choose Russian as their native language

Moscow. July 25. INTERFAX.RU Previously only Russian had the status of a state, it is mandatory to explore throughout the country.

The state Duma adopted in the third final reading the law on the freedom of choice for studying native languages at school, including Russian as a native language.

Still in school studied Russian as a state language, but it was impossible to choose it for study as a native language. The state language is mandatory for learning.

The law fixes the rule of “free choice of language of education” in the school the child at the request of parents. This rule will apply not only to schools, but also kindergartens (early childhood education). Also fixed the right of free choice of studying the native language, including Russian language as native and state languages of national republics.

The bill was submitted to the Duma on 10 April by a group of deputies of all factions. The bill caused a resonance in the regions, including in national republics. After that, the state Duma established a working group for its improvement, which resulted in the text for the second reading, which was supported by all parties involved in the development of the bill.

According to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on science and education Vyacheslav Nikonov, it is difficult to count the number of languages that exist in Russia, especially if to take into account the dialect, called the figure of about 277 languages. This is not a record, in India, for example, speak more than 400 languages in Papua New Guinea with more than 850 languages.

But no country in the world is not such that in the education system were studied in 59 languages, and was taught in 30 languages. This is an unprecedented achievement in our country.Vyacheslav Econometrically of the state Duma Committee for science and education

According to “Kommersant”, the critics of the bill fear that the parents of children whose Russian is not native, will still make a choice in favor of Russian as it certification exam. As in the case of selection of the native national language, they will receive fewer hours of Russian.