Fans of late to eat were divided into two types

Fans of late to eat were divided into two types

The results of the formal analysis of search queries about food scientists have divided the users into two types. They were based on two peaks of similar queries, the first of which is around 7 PM local time, and the second at 2am. The results of the study described in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Database of search queries stored the results about the millions of people around the world. The analysis of this information allows to identify the characteristic features of the behavior. They can be associated not only with the order of the day, which is imposed by external factors, but also reflect a more fundamental biological processes.

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In the new work, scientists analyzed the temporal dynamics of food-related search queries of users from USA, Canada, India, Australia and the UK. As a result, they revealed a significant and sustained sinusoidal oscillations as for common queries such as “pizza delivery”, as well as specific, mentioning specific services. In the evening a number of similar complaints reached the maximum of 7 nights and 2 nights regardless of query type, day of week and geographic location of the user.

The authors conclude that these peaks are associated with different groups of people. The researchers suggest that these groups differ from each other primarily by age, the second, less important difference is that the chronotype, that is typical for human nature’s daily activity. Scientists believe such databases as a source of important information that can expose other dependences in the behavior of people who are connected with biological rhythms.