Flight of tens of thousands of sardines videotaped

Flight of tens of thousands of sardines videotaped

Taiwan took “flight” of tens of thousands of sardines at the same time jumping out of the water. The video drew the attention of the portal SETN.com.

An unusual sight captured the 31-year-old fisherman Lu Cinway (Lu Jingwai) in one of the ports of Taipei. According to him, due to the many randomly moving shiny fish it seemed to him that the water is boiling.

“I’m so scared! I was attacked by fish!” — yells on the video Lou. Together with his friends he’s picked up out on the deck of a sardine and released them back into the water.

Published 呂靖崴 Friday, 20 July 2018,while downloading an error has occurred.Fisher suggested that sardines behaved because they were pursued by predatory fish.

“I saw about five foot Barracuda swimming underneath my boat, a couple of days ago. I think they started the season”, he added. Port workers have confirmed that the same day saw a few barracudas.

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