“All the conditions”: whether there was life on the moon

“All the conditions”: whether there was life on the moon

Scientists: conditions on the moon were suitable for sustaining life.

On the moon at least twice created the conditions suitable for life, according to scientists from the US and the UK. They insist that life on Earth did exist — evidence of this yet.

The moon could have the conditions for the emergence of life, according to the astrobiologists from the US and the UK. Their assumptions are outlined in an article in the journal Astrobiology.

Dirk Schulze-Makuch from Washington state University and Ian Crawford from the University of London are sure — soon after the formation of the moon and then during the peak of volcanic activity on it, 4 and 3.5 billion years ago, respectively, on the Earth there were conditions for the origin of life.

According to the calculations of researchers, this time on the moon had emissions occur very hot volatile gases and water vapor. Such emissions could lead to the formation of craters with liquid water and the formation of a dense atmosphere. Such conditions could be preserved for millions of years.

If in the early stages on the moon for a long time was water and a suitable atmosphere, we believe, the lunar surface, at least temporarily, could be suitable for life.Dirk Schulze-Macwhister

Work Schulz-cake and Crawford based on the results of recent space missions and analysis of samples of lunar rocks and soil, which show that the Moon is not as dry as previously thought.

In 2009-2010, it was established that the moon has deposits of hundreds of millions of tons of ice. In addition, evidence was received of the existence of a large amount of water in the lunar mantle. And that water was there, apparently, in the earliest stages of the formation of the moon.