In Ethiopia have arrested a man who failed to raise the dead

In Ethiopia have arrested a man who failed to raise the dead

In Ethiopia have arrested a man calling himself the prophet, after he failed to resurrect a dead man.

Was getical Ayele visited a family who were mourning a relative Biftu White, who died in an accident a few days ago. Was geciauskas, which means “God knows”, promised to return to the life of the deceased, referring to the story of the resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus.

The so-called prophet ordered to dig a grave, open the coffin, after which he lay down on top of the corpse, and several times loudly shouted, “Belay, Wake up!”

The process tried to prevent the worker Church, which was the cemetery, however, who were present threw him out.

Attempt of resurrection, a video which has spread in social networks, was unsuccessful. Was getical climbed out of the grave, stated that nothing can be done, and tried to get away. However silent until relatives, among whom were those who fainted at the grave, was furious and did not allow him to leave. The family of the deceased rushed to Getcookie and began to beat him.

From human anger he was rescued by the police soon arrived on the scene of the incident. But the troubles of a failed prophet did not end there.

Ethiopia’s desecration of the dead is a crime.

Was getical, a doctor by profession, was arrested and taken to the police station, said Bi-bi-si the representative of the local police.

In Russia became known “the healer” Grigory Grabovoi, who claimed that is the new Jesus Christ is able to resurrect people and treat serious diseases.

In the media hornbeam was nicknamed “the resurrector of Beslan” — he promised to revive children killed in the attack in Beslan in September 2004. Media reported that for this he took the money. The case against Grabovoy and employees of his Fund was instituted in 2006 under article “fraud”.