Macron allowed the entry of Serbia in EU until 2025

Macron allowed the entry of Serbia in EU until 2025

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that Serbia is moving towards EU membership at a fast pace and may become a member of the community until 2025.

“I think that Serbia can join the EU much earlier than 2025,” said Mr. macron at a press conference after a meeting with President of Serbia Aleksandar Survived (quoted by TASS). Mr. Vucic said that Belgrade attach great importance to cooperation with Paris on this issue.

Serbia has applied for membership in the European Union in 2006, and in 2012 officially got the status of candidate country.

At the moment the main obstacle for accession is Kosovo part of Serbia that EU countries recognize an independent state. Serbia itself, Russia and most countries in the UN, Kosovo’s independence is not recognized. Official candidates for EU membership are Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey. Specific timing of their EU accession also calls.