The Finance Minister announced the deficit of the Pension Fund of Russia of 1 trillion rubles

The Finance Minister announced the deficit of the Pension Fund of Russia of 1 trillion rubles

Moscow. July 15. INTERFAX.RU First Vice — Premier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the deficit of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) is 1 trillion rubles.

“So we have the costs of the pension Fund of around 8 trillion rubles. Revenue, which collects the Pension Fund at the expense of deductions from the wages of all workers — about 5 trillion rubles. That is 3 trillion is paid at the expense of the Federal budget. There are nuances”, — he told on air of TV program “Pozner” on Sunday.

According to him, of the three trillion two is the government spending on social pensions that Russians deserved more at the time of the Soviet Union, “it is the obligation of the state, which are paid through pension funds.” “And the deficit, but if you take it, so to speak, to be honest, a trillion rubles,” — said Siluanov.

To correct this situation except by raising the retirement age, it does not, follows from the explanations of Deputy Prime Minister.

He stressed that the government proceed from the fact that, firstly, the pension Fund “should be self-sufficient,” and second, we can safely cut costs by 1 trillion rubles by major object budget.

“So to cut some costs on the deficit trillion rubles or even more, it must also increase, you say, well, just not typed, — said Siluanov. We just worse then the quality of our public services on other positions”.

Previously, the Russian government submitted to the state Duma a bill for the gradual increase in the retirement age to 65 years for men and 63 years for women. Changes planned to be phased in over a transition period, which could start in 2019. The retirement age is scheduled to increase by one year every two years. The state Duma intends to consider the document in the first reading at the meeting on 19 July.