Putin gave the first lady of France a bouquet of peonies and roses

Putin gave the first lady of France a bouquet of peonies and roses

MOSCOW, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave to the wife of the French leader Bridget macron bouquet of flowers and had a short conversation with her before speaking with the President of Emmanuel Macron.

Macron has arrived to the Kremlin in Sunday together with his wife Bridget. Putin met them in the Executive office. He warmly welcomed the French leader and the first lady was given a bouquet of peonies and roses.

The Protocol of such meetings, involvement of spouses in the negotiations, so Bridget left Putin and the Macron, but before that, the Russian leader a few minutes informal talked to her and Macron.

Wife Makron came to Moscow for the final of the world Cup, which fought France and Croatia. The French leader during the championship for the second time arrives in Russia to support their team. Previously, the macron was present at the world championship in St. Petersburg between France and Belgium. The visit of the French leader in Russia will be the third since the end of may.

The Kremlin hopes that the Makron will inform Putin about the results of the NATO summit, which was held in Brussels. As reported, Russian presidential aide on foreign policy Yuri Ushakov, the presidents will also exchange views on the state of relations and their development. On the eve of the meeting, Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko did not exclude that the heads of state may also discuss the situation in Syria and Ukraine and Iran.