Beer after the meeting of Putin and trump enjoys the rush

Beer after the meeting of Putin and trump enjoys the rush

HELSINKI, July 13 — RIA Novosti. Dark beer, released a Finnish brewery RPS Brewing specially for the meeting of the Russian and American presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, who will meet in Helsinki on July 16, enjoys the rush in the shops of the Finnish capital.

Earlier it was reported that the beer released a batch of 10 thousand bottles, which are designed and special label. It posted pictures of the two presidents and the inscription: “let’s deal with this like adults.”

The drink went on sale in major chain supermarkets and small shops across the country. As stated on the website of the company, the beer can be found in Helsinki, Espoo, Mikkeli, Oulu, Joensuu and other cities.

The drink enjoys the rush. Our shop ordered a test batch, which arrived on Tuesday and were sold out in one day. Now we have designed the delivery twice.Marcus Allanatrophy store “K-market” in the district of Ruoholahti (Ruoholahti)

Find drink can and in small specialty stores, selling only beer.

“This is a hot new, relevant now. People make just for Souvenirs or gift to your friends. We talked about this new product on your page in Facebook and only repost was more than 750, considering that the followers we have a little more than a thousand. I consider it a success,” — said the owner of the bar Marival II Valteri Routine who works on a tourist boat at the dock at Market square.

The cost of a bottle of beer in retail sales of 3.49 euros, including 10 cents for a glass bottle that can be returned by turning in the container.

The same manufacturer specifically for the Russian-American summit has already released coffee and t-shirts with portraits of trump and Putin.

The presidents of Russia and the USA are scheduled to meet on 16 July in Helsinki. In the Kremlin reported that Putin and trump will discuss the perspectives of development of bilateral relations and topical issues of the international agenda.