Spoon in underwear at school in England figured out how to deal with forced marriages

Spoon in underwear at school in England figured out how to deal with forced marriages

School in the North of England is struggling with forced marriages with metal spoons.

Spoons are handed out to students co-operative Academy in Leeds with the instruction to put them in their underwear, if they suspect that they were being taken abroad for forced to marry.

According to the concept of school management, during the inspection at the airport the metal detector will react to the spoon, and when a kid gets taken to the side, to understand the cause of the detector response, the girl will be able privately to inform the security personnel what is happening.

The teacher, Harinder Kaur said that such a spoon can save the lives of Schoolgirls. According to her, 80% of British marriages are abroad, particularly during the summer holidays.

“In those six weeks of that last summer vacation, school is not in contact with the parents, and they have an opportunity to go abroad to get married and then return,” she says.

“We thus make known to teenagers that they can call for help.”

In 2014 in the UK came into force a law under which forced marriage became a criminal offence. Parents in such cases could face up to seven years imprisonment.

In 2017 the government Department for the prevention of forced marriages was registered about 1200 such cases in Britain. According to the Agency, most often for forced marriage women and girls are trafficked to Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Somalia.

Approximately 30% of cases we are talking about teenagers under 18 years of age. Every sixth case the child is not more than 15 years.