The secret of the avocado and myths about apples: named a way to safely eat fruit

The secret of the avocado and myths about apples: named a way to safely eat fruit

MOSCOW, July 13 — RIA Novosti. About the benefits of fruits can not speak, but even with such “Superfoods” we need to be careful, warn polled by RIA Novosti experts. They told why some people should avoid avocados and grapes, as well as what myths about apples, it’s time to forget.

In the morning, eat yourself, the evening and give the enemy

Dietitian, associate Professor of dietetics and nutrition of the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education, candidate of medical Sciences Elena CEDIA told RIA Novosti that fruits are best consumed in the morning because it is the main source of threat for the figure of carbohydrates.

It is recommended that carbohydrates be consumed in the morning in order to evening blood sugar levels and insulin levels in the blood were low, because the higher the blood sugar, the more insulin in the blood, the worse it is for patients with obesity because insulin promotes fat synthesis and inhibits its decay.Elena Cadiallac-nutritionist

The nutritionist reminded that the last meal is recommended no later than four hours before bedtime, and it applies to any products, especially fruits that are rich in carbohydrates.

“On the night of the apples is not necessary, it is better to drink a glass of milk or Cup of yogurt to the time when a person goes to sleep, his level of sugar and insulin in the blood was low… If this is so, then all night will be dominated by the breakdown of fats over their synthesis, and a man by night will lose weight. And if there is a high level of insulin in the blood, the person will be a night to store fat,” explained CEDIA.

“In General, fruits are better to use as a snack between Breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner,” she said.

Fruit obesity

CEDIA noted that for healthy people all the fruits and all the vegetables very useful — it is the main source of fiber, which is essential. But if you have any health problems, it is recommended to limit foods that contain a lot of digestible carbohydrates, for example, grapes.

“If a person tries to lose weight, that doesn’t mean he can’t eat grapes, but in limited quantities. Sweet peach, sweet melon, bananas, figs — that it should be limited, if you are prone to obesity,” said she.

CEDIA also drew attention to the avocado. “This is a good fruit and vegetable fat doesn’t contain cholesterol, but fat is very much depending on the variety — from 17 to 40% fat. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how we affect the energy value of the diet when consumed avocados — increases the caloric content,” — said the expert.