“Sometimes it could get to the ladies”: stories of bullying classmates

“Sometimes it could get to the ladies”: stories of bullying classmates

Former Russian students who participated in the bullying of his classmates, told the Russian service Bi-bi-si, why are they scoffed at them whether they were ashamed of it and why they did not side with the victim.

All photos used to illustrate this article is staged.


I changed three schools were and grass, and herbs, and finally fell into the happy circle of friends. So there is something to compare with. In the first two schools were clearly built system, almost a hierarchy in which himself was the hunted, and there were several candidates for this position, which podtrunivali. The candidates themselves often joined the harassment, “the scapegoat.” I was usually one of them.

When I was very young, participated in the persecution with the pleasure.

At some point (early enough) from this experienced an acute sense of shame. Subsequently, a good understanding of what bullying is unhealthy. But a coward.

Tried to stay away, when they could not — podujeva. Alone, I suffered all evening and that nothing you can do: to do otherwise — he took poison. For now it’s just a shame.

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In Junior high, everything was fairly straightforward. I remember as a girl standing in front of the class, and he was satisfied with the shaped lynching. We are at eight or nine was, most kids were. Everybody yells shit, what’s she supposed to blame. Braid is not the same, the lessons are not tells to uchitelke suck, too many imagines (a favorite of reproach), I do not remember that.

In fact, she is very to herself was fond of some dancing, we did not understand. Well, skinny braids, and a voice strange and trembling. That was enough, the rest — cheat.

I was with her one time I was friends, not yet felt what is the matter. And here I was with the class. It must be said, kept a stiff upper lip, answered, snapped. And there, in that moment, I felt very ashamed when I realized that each of those who are against her, and myself, stronger than her. And I’m afraid she’s not afraid. Well, that is how understood I Felt.