Debts up to 100 thousand rubles will deduct from the wages

Debts up to 100 thousand rubles will deduct from the wages

The amount of debt that you can collect from the citizen through an employer under a simplified procedure to increase from 25 thousand to 100 thousand rubles. The draft amendments to the law “On enforcement proceedings” developing a Ministry of justice document is available at the disposal of “Izvestia”.

In granting the creditor a writ of execution at the place of work the amount withheld from wages, pensions, scholarships of the debtor or other periodic payments. The claimant may choose how to collect a debt — sending the documents to the Bank, the debtor’s employer or in the normal course of using the bailiff.

According to the source “Izvestia”, the project supported the government Commission on legislative activities. A simplified procedure should speed up the foreclosure process, relieving the bailiffs and to save budget money.

In the Federal bailiff service confident that the cost of registration of judgments for amounts less than 100 thousand rubles is too high.

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